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July 14, 2020


   Shamanic methods I have tried that I have had success with include the following: the recitation
of pre-set mantras in Sankrit/Hebrew/Latin and self-created music in Spanish and my own self-
created language (an idiosyncratic tongue) to calm others when they are scared or nervous; singing 
at wakes to calm the grieving; the usage of power animals as protective guardians; using tarot cards 
for meditations; dream interpretation of my own dreams to assist myself in self-betterment and 
dream interpretation to assist others; cloud divination; the use of my dead kin as protectors; 
dancing myself into a trance to aid in both physical healing and emotional healing; coaching others 
in how to do shamanic dance; using the Warrior Dress & the Warrior Dance to protect myself the 
few times when I have had overt, dangerous human enemies; using reiki on myself when my 
physical ailment is severe by visualizing my power animals entering my body and consuming the 
pain and calming the chronic illness. For my Crohn’s, I like the Serpent and the Koi Fish. The 
Serpent for unbinding and the Koi Fish for soothing.


  I have not explored any other options yet.


  I am nervous about trying Reiki on another human. I think I will try it on my dog first. She is 
afraid of thunder and a few other loud noises. I will try it out on her before asking a friend if
they are willing.


   I have not yet given long-distance healing a try; but, I will. I am still meditating on how to best
succeed at this. Most of my friends are more prone to be reading; to be listening to music; or to be 
engaging in arts or crafts than to be watching the television; so, I am considering altering the 
visualization from imagining healing them via a tv screen to what caters best to them each as 


I think to heal people, one has to individualize as much as humanly possible.


   Thank for your time and your listen.


   I hope you are doing well. :)


  --Priestess Autumn Penn (Autumn the Gray)

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When reiki people teach healing-at-a-distance; they teach it in a set manner.  How to send the energy outside of space/time to re-enter and do the healing.  Generally, they do this with the third symbol.


That is not my understanding of how things work.  If you seriously commune with the reiki itself -- I find that it gives a different lesson.  That the distance is an illusion.


Imagine a wave in the ocean.  It wants to heal a distant wave.  To send that wave energy.  Then that wave awakens.  There is no distance between the two waves.  Between the waves -- there is the ocean.  They are both part of the ocean.  The distance is illusory.


A lot of people like complexity in spiritual matters.  I like simple.


Enjoy the journey.

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