Energetic Protection Work

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July 23, 2020
Autumn Penn

   I attempted the blue sphere (blue bubble) as a protective barrier. I first tried to set it up,   
gradually, by building a blue shield atop me; a blue shield below me; a blue shield to the right of  
me; a blue shield to the left of me. Then, I visually added metal spikes on the outside of them. 


   At that point, I mentally battled with the indecision of whether I should have outward facing 
mirrors set up inside or a black light to absorb any negativity (including my own anxiety).


   I sat in my black moon chair for what felt like an exceedingly long time and I told myself to 
figure it out quickly because I wanted to eat some baked chicken, asparagus, and some beets 
soon. Note to self: meditating while dinner is in the oven and smelling very delicious is 
motivating and may or may not be recommended.


   I began to frustrate myself so badly. The annoyance with myself ended up with me seeing
myself standing up somehow holding a whip with a fireproof handle in my dominant hand
at my Solar Plexus chakra area that snaked out into a blue flaming whip sphere that encircled
my body.


   Done. LOL.


   Perhaps, I should frustrate myself more often. 😉 😊


   I, actually, am happy with this. I feel this is the FIRST sitting meditation I have had success 
with. Now that I have it already visualized, I will be able to quickly recall it. 


   I am now considering lighting candles of food scents I am medically restricted from eating 
prior to seated meditations. Caramel Brownie Delight, Lemon Pound Cake Supreme, Banana 
Daquiri  Squeeze, and Peach Pie Aroma Bliss candles are only a dollar and the store a block 
down. I think the olfactory agitation will be motivating. LOL. In all honesty, now I see that 
physical hunger drives me to think faster.


   Thank you for your time once again. Constructive criticism is welcome. Love and peace to each of you.



--Priestess Autumn Penn

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34 minutes ago, PriestessAutumnPenn said:

Yes, sir. I started with Wicca; but, then have been branching out into other traditions.


What is Reiki like? 



In large measure, this depends on what we are looking for.  In my own case, I started with a search for physical healing.  When I got deeper into it, Reiki was about my understanding of reality.


Like you, I have developed along different lines.  Currently, I'm working more with Tai Chi and Qi Gong.


Small bites, please.





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1 hour ago, PriestessAutumnPenn said:

I like Qi Gong thus far.



Yes.  Nothing changes us quite like breath work.  The first thing we do after being born is breath.  The last thing we do when we die is breath.


We add the movement.  Muscles and joints open and close with the breath.  The internal energy circulates.  Blockage releases.


All in accordance with nature.





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