Praying for the Homeless & Sick

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Good Evening, 


As we enter into the evening of the second day of January 2020, I come unto our Lord our God to ask for prayer for the Homeless and Sick. On a daily basis I deal with the Homeless facing challenges in there life. Each day people of all sorts are facing a crisis in this human life. For whatever reason this has to be addressed on a national level. Our brothers and sisters are being left to suffer in this human life. Mental health is on a rise and growing each day. What more is our children of god. Young boys and girls are being forced into slaves to sex. Everyday while reading the newspapers across the U.S. children are being kin-napped, drugged and forced into a world of the unknown? We as ministers of God must address this issue and save our children.  Just over the past few weeks the numbers are growing at an alarming rate. Children are making choices to leave their families to wander into the streets of the unknown. Parents are under pressure do to life challenges and not understanding what could happen as a result of it. It is better to have a child home than on the street. As a country build on our founding fathers this is of a major concern to all of us. What must one do when facing a crisis? There is help available and it is our responsibility as pastors to lead the cause. Bring awareness to the alarming numbers is just the beginning. What is your church, temple or house of God doing to deal with this issue? Everyday our homeless are wandering the streets making irrational choices in their life. This sickness is of a greater concern to our nation. Feel free to comment and offer your opinions on this topic?  

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There are these sayings: "If You Want To Change The World, Start With Yourself First"; and, "Lead by example".


As long as everybody is trying to improve the live of himself plus (at least) one person around him, this world will become a better place. Sounds like you're already doing so...

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14 hours ago, Mikec3174 said:



Leading by Example is the key to it all? Helping one person at a time is just the start. 
Best Wishes

When leading by example, you are helping more than one person at a time. It just depends on how many are paying attention. Helping others is secondary, while leading by example is the start.

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I saw a article on the charlotte,NC/ ABC news over the past couple weeks .It said a corporation was going to kick in to rebuild a homeless shelter there.The problem is that they always want to tear down the existing places,and put the new one on that ground,instead of building a new one next to it,or on another lot.

     They do the same thing with the govt housing projects,instead of putting the new ones on a different lot,they tear down the existing units ,instead of overhauling the old ones.

I ll venture to say this is the problem nationwide as well...

Incidentally,Ive seen where 2 million are now living in weekend and vacation travel trailers as well as housecars ,like Winniibagos  as well.

My oldere brother bought a schoolbus that was converted into a travel housecar back in the early 70s.They stripped all but 2 seats which was used for a kitchen table booth,place behind the drivers seat.

Plywood cabinets were buit in,as well as a toiet/shower,probably gutted out of a ols travel trailer at the junkyard.It had rudimentary electricity for a countertop electric stove and refrigerator,lights & wallplugs..

Thats so it could be hooked up in a campground/vacation trailer park or State/County /National parks.It also has a septic hoolup and kitchen sink.Bedroom with a full bed in the very back.,behind the bathroom.

Florida has a vast amount of singlewides and doublewides in 100 to300 unit parks that rent lots with septic ,water and electric,cable hookups,wgile most own and are buying the living units,though they do rent some of them...Pleaae Share My Info on this as a resource.God Bless UsAll ,Amen.Rev KHBostic of the ULCh


PS,.I see people badmouth tents ,but thats acceptable for campgrounds on vacation in big parks,isn t it?Thats also what the military puts its men in as well,in the field...


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