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As I walk through this human life I have tried to bless each person I come into contact with each day. Sometimes people are dealing with an issue that needs personal attention and they have no way to turn or have someone to listen to them. I try to be that ear to lean on. Just be there and listen to them. This is something I find people need more of in this human life. 

I spend many hours in the hospitals with people who are entering into their final days on this human life and no one there with them. Some are scared of the unknown and others are ready to go. Some not sure of where they will go. Heaven or Hell? Then the family members who are experiencing an unknown of there own?  Some offer plenty of Love, while others begin to fight over the human things. This is where I have found my calling to serve the Lord My God. I offer kind words of wisdom. Assuring them that God Loves Them no matter what it is they have done good or bad. I try to get them to see the good in themselves. And as for the chosen ones who begin their path to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is something we all seek in the end. I pray each will find their way and never have to suffer again. May God Guide me into the path of the unknown, May He Give Me Guidance when walking into the paths of of so many. May he touch Me with the gifts of comfort to guide each person I come into contact with in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen! 

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