501(C)4 Tax Exempt Status : Creating a Counseling Ctr.

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HI Guys, 


Some of you know me, some do not. If you don't, I"m a long term member and witch. I use to be very active and helped moderate the forum at one time. Life took me away from forums and blogs for awhile. I started a journey of personal development, and being the busy witch/mom/wife that I am, I didn't have much time for much else. However I've graduated (yay me) and I'm getting back to my roots a bit. 


A community of friends and other Pagans in my area see a need to create a spiritual counseling and recovery outreach program that is non-denominational / Pagan in nature. Our area is hit hard with opioid and other drug usage. There's a Christian based recovery and spiritual counseling center here, but it doesn't cover the needs of those who are not Christian. This can impede an addicts recovery if they do not fit the mould of a typical Christian.


My question here is if anyone has first hand experience filing 501c4 paperwork for tax exempt status. I really have no experience handling this, and it makes me apprehensive to move forward. I'm not sure how to go about getting funding for this. Obviously there can be no profit. So we're not sure how to secure funding and handle taxes. 

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Replying to this post, although its a bit old. It would be easier and necessary to first find a spiritual and addictions counselor who can work with Pagans and such. A spiritual counselor who knows and understands Paganism. Someone in private practice or working at a counseling center. I am a Spiritual Counselor myself and do work with people with addictions. I work by telephone or internet for free. Also, you can try to find a Spiritual Counselor who works with people with addictions in your area.

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