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Does anyone have a Universal Life University course in common law That you would consider selling, trading, loaning or. even donating to me. I have been trying learn about the common law. Does anyone know about the ulc common law course. Many Thanks Rev Howard

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I, for one, was never even aware of a Universal Life University. Not sure it's affiliated with us. I'm sure someone here will correct me if I'm mistaken, and possibly point you in the right direction.

Peace and blessings.

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common law



First, let me tell you that it is church law. It originated with
people thousands of years ago, and grew in the Synagogues and
Tabernacles, then spread throughout the world. Common Law is to do
that which is right. It's your higher consciousness. No one has a
monopoly or dominates the Common Law. The ULC, working with a group of
Common Law historians, put together a course of study to help our
people to understand the laws of the land, both Common and Statute
Law, mostly to protect the INDIVIDUAL'S RIGHTS in the courts. The
Common Law is Natural Law written in "the Heart of Man.' It is
conscience and reason all at once.

The Common Law is the Universal Brotherhood of man. It does not
recognize ethnic, religious, geographic, political or economic limits.
It recognizes no barriers or boundaries at all.

The Common Law originated as the custom of the people who practiced
it, and eventually became the law of the land. A government which
practices the Common Law is called a government of the people, by the
people, and for the people. Common Law judicial decisions are made by
"twelve good and lawful men" in the institution we call "trial by
jury.' Trial by jury i the heart and soul of a Common Law government,
the only true democracy.

The Common Law has its roots in antiquity, a beautiful history of men
becoming free. Its principles were nurtured and preserved and,
eventually, set most explicitly in the Bill of Rights by the founding
fathers of our country.

Our natural and Constitutional Common Law Rights are still enforceable
at Law, but they mean nothing unless you actually assert them and
enforce them on your own behalf. That is what this course is designed
to do for you. If you do not stand up for your rights under the law,
you run the risk of losing them forever; because governments (ours
included) have a way of enacting statutes to enslave you, statutes
enacted by ambitious government officials hungry for more and ever
more power over you.

Common Law is the ultimate law, its final enforcement is in the
peoples power to overrule government itself, just as the American
colonists did in 1776.

The Universal Life Common Law Course is a correspondence course study
which will help you to understand the fundamental laws of mankind, to
know the procedures which you must know to practice in our present law
courts on your own behalf. Description of the Program The 100-Series
courses give students a broad understanding of the Common Law and the
issues of our time. Students should understand the methods used by
governments to expand their power over the citizenry and of the
dangers which certain political philosophies pose to the liberty of
all. This series includes: History of the Common Law, Fundamental
Concepts, Law and Modern Society, the Common Law Jury System; Rights,
Persons and Property, Sources and Form of Law and the Road Back to

The 200-Series courses introduce students to the theory and analysis
of law as it pertains to the Common Law in America. A student who has
satisfactorily completed this section of the course is ready to take
care of himself in matters of legal discussions of the Common Law.
This series includes: The Common Law in America, Court Organization,
jurisdictional Issues, Due Process of Law, Court Rules and Procedures;
Actions, Moving Papers and Evidence, Proceedings in Criminal and Civil

The 300-Series courses prepare the student to actually practice Common
Law in the courtrooms of America, to assert Common Law rights, and to
increase the scope of Common Law usage. An unavoidable maxim of law is
that 'custom is law". It is our objective to revive and expand Common
Law usage whenever possible through adequate knowledge of its theory
and widespread practice. This series includes: Legal Research, Parties
to an Action, Legal Papers and Service, Summons and Complaint, Answer
and Pleading Practice, Bringing a Civil Case to Trial and Post Trial
Motions and Maneuvers.

The 400-Series courses give the post-graduate student sufficient
knowledge of courtroom strategy and procedures to practice Common Law
in actual situations with confidence and ability. Students who
complete this section satisfactorily are awarded a degree of Doctor of
Common Law and permanent membership in the Universal Bar Association.
This series includes: Courtroom Strategy 1, II and III.

As stated previously, there is a most urgent need for the people to
once again take up the study of the Common Law, to reestablish our
sovereignty and to eradicate the foreign civil law that is taking over
control of our society. Common Law and Civil Law are in constant
ideological war against each other, so it is extremely important to
understand the differences between the two
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I too, have been desperately trying to get ahold of this course as well. There are a couple of Youtube videos of Kirby talking about the course and the ULU. Other than that I have found nothing. There must be a way to get the Seminary or HQ to start offering this course. What we need is an actual ULU on location somewhere with real ULC Ministers as the teachers because the online seminary is clearly hanging on by a thread and the helpdesk doesn't seem to exist anymore. What is the point if no one is manning the desk? We need to pool together and do better. Keep in mind, however, that HQ is in Modesto California and California is royally effed right now due to the pandemic, so for all I know that is why the ULC no longer seems to be able to support its ministers any more. 


Do we as ULC members have the ability to create our own ULU and it be recognized by HQ? If so...let's do it! Let's make the effort. I will help. Whatever I can do.

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