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4 hours ago, cuchulain said:

I understand the sentiment.  I have considered the departure myself.  Of course, the pagans are correct in their assertion that life begins, ages, then dies, and is least so far as the life cycle of the average forum.  Life here, or conversation, begins with a few brave souls.  Then it ages...or gets old at least.  Then it dies off, just as you described.  Then it begins again later.



Usually, the Forum just dies.  Interfaith boards require mutual respect.  Fundamentalists don't understand the concept.


You've been here long enough to remember when Dan was new here.  He was upfront back then, about being here to witness for Christ.  This is not dialog.  Sure not mutual respect.  Now, he just lies and lays out the bovine excrement.


If the usual pattern holds, he'll be the last bully standing.




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