Sermons: Reading, drawing inspiration from, writing your own

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Hello. I am wondering how many here have done a web search for sermons by others of Christianity's Priests, Pastors, Ministers, etc. Have you quoted them? Have you used them to write your own? How long do you keep them (in terms of number of paragraphs)? For those with your own congregations, do have loose copies of your past sermons for parishioners to pick up & take home? Or do you offer to email the sermon(s) to them? Or do you post them on a web page for them to download and/or print out? Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I usually draw my inspiration from scripture. Sermons should only last about 30 minutes. You MUST do your research. Start by choosing your topic.Create an outline. Make 3 main points, with supporting scriptures and sub commentary notes. Then summarize your message by hitting your 3 main points briefly. Last, draw your message to a close by offering a concluding thought. Always file and save old sermon outlines. Hope this helps. is one resource to look at.

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A best seller is "The Ministers Manual"edited by James W Cox Jossey-Bass Pub ;its a annual  has sermons for every week of the year.I own a half dozen from the past yrs,got them on sale sold them.I got a copy of Martin Luthers sermons from christianbooks .com as well .They sell books of sermons ,you may be on a budget,& get the title at a used book store for a better price.They have various lectionaries at Christianbooks .com is a used bookstore resource,SO IS ABESBOOKS,COM  use the search engine for resources like books of sermons;check out local libraries and college libraries.I never saw any church handing out copes of sermons at any church I went to in my is a good search engine to ask questions,,,Be Blessed Rev KeenanH Bostic

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