Just want to thank the Modesto HQ folks!

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I received my ordination in 1997, and was definitely confused by all the multiple sites out there now that I've moved to another state and was asked to officiate for some friends.  Certainly none of the sites could find my old ordination information.  All were offering "free" ordination, then charging for the piece of paper -- which in the old ULC I remember was not done (if you wanted to support the church you could by purchasing a calligraphic certificate, etc, but there was no official charge for anything actually required to register with states).  


I finally looked up the address on the credentials of a friend ordained at the same time, and saw that we held ours through the Modesto ULC, and Googling that gave me the real site, and a real human being on the phone.  He quickly located my original ordination, verifying the date and the my old city/state, and is processing the re-issuance of my original credentials.


Being of a faith tradition that eschews even "donations" for doing my duty as clergy, I appreciate holding ordination through a church that also does not require payment for ordination credentials.  I plan to support the real ULC by buying materials, but it's a core value for me that no sacrament should require the exchange of money.  Both sacraments I perform for others, and those given to me.


Thank you for being you!

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