Some of the Old Church Saints Lore:

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Saint Jude has been shortened from Judas,so they Added Thadaus to differentiate him from Judas escariot,the daggar man that gave up Jesus to the High Priests.


He is Patron of The Impossible cases ,as well as hopeless cases,as well as difficult  circumstances.He was noted as carrying staff weapons & a axe,another of the 12 Apostles.

St Andrew was St Peters Brother,& is patron of Fishermen,those that work on the waters like sailors,navy,& Singers;Patron Saint to Russia,Romania,& Scotland.

Saint Barbara,like Santa Barbara is patron to Armourers/Smiths;Artillerymen,Architects,

Builders,Diseases, Mathmaticians ,Miners,Lightning,Fires,& Explosions.

Saint John of God:Patron Saint of Booksellers,Printers,Heart Patients,Hospitals,Nurses,The Sick,& Firefighters.

Saint Anne,name of Mary s mom,mother of Jesus Christs mother:Housewives,Women in Labor,Cabinet Makers,& Miners.

Saint Martha/Patron ofHousewives,Domestic Workers, Cooks,Servants,& Active Practical Women.

St/Therese of Listeux /Little Flower,,Patron of Missionaries,Pilots,florists & Priests

Archangel St Raphael is patron of postal workers,Angel of Health,Love,Joy ,& Light St Peregrine is Patron saint to help with cancers,& skin diseases.Known as a wonder worker.

Saint Rita patron Saint of Those in need,Impossible causes like Jude,Abuse victims,The Lonely,those with marriage difficulties,,Parents,Widows,those with sickness & or wounds.

ArchAngel St Micheal,Patron of Grocers,Police,Army,Paratroopers,Mariners,Doctors,Sickness,& those sufferers.

St Luke the Apostle is patron of Artists,painters,brewers,Noteries,Physicians & Surgeons

Saint Francis patron of Immigrants,Hospital Administrators ;some say of businessmen because his dad was a rich merchant,& missionaries.

The Church of England was from the Friars minor or greyfriars who brought Christianity to England.When the went protestant,they kept the same form of the service that the greyfriars use/Same as the Episcopal form of the service,currently used

Saint Rocco,patron saint of Dogs & dog owners;Knee Diseases;surgeons,bachelors,

diseased cattle,& against cholera.A note here,cholera is a bacterial infection highly treatable with antibiotics,causes violent vomiting & diarrhea//

Below,a talisman of St Micheal




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I slept on this & figured I need to add:

The Saints passed on to Glory,& leading church members figure God set them up to help address issues from their Earthly lives.So thats the why they are patrons of the various things listed....


On the Saint Francis,the greyfriars & Friars Minor were from the order of Saint Francis,I thought I need to clarify that.

My dad got his Ed major from the Michigan State University,Wayne State U campus,Art specialty back in the early 60s.Some of his classmates took him to their singles group,with the Episcopal Church in the University neighborhood.


So he converted to Episcopal.He was raised Baptist,his moms dad was a Baptist minister.His other Granddad was a County deputy with a more established Country general store in a farming community.


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addition of information...
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