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7 hours ago, mererdog said:

You may not need a reason, but there are reasons. This is a causal universe. Everything is an effect of something, right?


There are new ideas in physics about the energetic properties of empty space.  No god required.  

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On 5/25/2018 at 1:01 PM, cuchulain said:

thats my point, though...or at least partially.  you have insufficient evidence that the bible IS a first hand account aside from fulfilled prophecy which could be fake.


Yes, its all accepted by faith.. Nearly anything can be faked, my grandma thought the moon landing was faked ☺️. But I see enough biblical credibility to have convinced me it couldn't be fake. What's sufficient evidence to one is insufficient to another. Most Atheist wouldn't believe a miracle if they witnessed one,  they would instead be looking for an explanation of how the trick was done 😊

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