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Hello, or maybe I should say Aloha. 

I've been ordained with ULC for 14 yrs. I have been a spiritual counselor most of my days on earth. Last year my son and baby brother died and for the first time ever I am in a crisis of faith... A grieving mother/sister that no longer knows what she believes. So I'm trying to find a church or something here in Hawaii to volunteer or work at to be around people of any faith in hopes that maybe it will rub off and heal me. Does anyone know anything about ULC in Hawaii that's more than a wedding officiant? 

Mahalo, Dhana

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Aloha Rev. Dhana ~ I am just returning back to my ministry here, and my online ministry at Enlightenment Ministries with Rev. Linda Hourihan. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I also was ordained 14 years ago. I also just returned from an entire year in Oahu. I know death of our loved ones is so hard to go through. What helps me is my belief that when Jesus walked on the earth, he showed us resurrection from death is real. He promised us all that there will be a resurrection at the end of this life, for all who have died, both the righteous and the unrighteous. So I will be able to hug my Dad again and speak with him. That helps my heart so very much. My Dad died in my home 12 years ago. That was so very hard for me, because my work was as a massage therapist and I owned my own business. I did take a week off, but then went back to work to make other people feel better. Grief takes longer than a week to resolve in our minds and hearts. When I was in Hawaii, I saw 3-5 brides and weddings each day at the beach parks. The wedding officiate must have been very busy. But I had stopped my ULC ministry then, and did not make any Hawaii connections. But, I am here now. I thought I would share my faith with you in case it helps you in any way. In the meantime, I know that Jesus compared death to sleep. It helps so much to know our loved ones are not suffering. Right now I am studying the Nag Hammadi Scriptures. I find them helpful too. I hope you also find consolation through this forum also. Mahalo, Rev. Linda

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Mahalo Dhana, I am so sorry for all of your losses. I was widowed young myself, and had a number of deaths/passings a few years in a row. While I do not have church to which I can point you, I would highly recommend picking up a copy of The Grief Recovery Handbook. The title doesn't do it justice. The use of the word "recovery" makes it sound like a 12 Steps program, which it is not. It is the only book I have found which addresses the emotions of grief and doesn't just talk about them. I think the latest edition is an anniversary edition. You can find it at Amazon and likely your local b&m of Barnes and Noble.


I hope reading it helps you.


Despite what some churches seem to inculcate that we're supposed to be "over it" in a short period of time, the book does help, regardless of faith/non-faith. And regardless of religion, God Him/Herself is still with you. I say that to encourage you, not to just utter some trite pedantic muttering. In our sobbing, God is still with us. "I will never leave you nor forsake you" are words to which I cling throughout my whole life.


Blessings to you on your path,



PS: I can cite the link to it at Amazon, but since this is my very first post, I didn't want to get what could be misconstrued as spammy... If you want me to cite it, please reply to that effect here, and I'll go locate it for you.

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