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Prayers and Healing Needed

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I'd like to ask that those of you that might be so inclined to add my father to their prayers. His name is Andy, he's 86, in ICU with wildly fluctuating blood pressure, and being sedated so he doesn't rip tubes out....

Again, I appreciate your prayers...


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An up-date on Dad's status...

Last Thursday, Dad was hospitalized after the flu he had developed into pneumonia.

Placed on a ventilator & under sedation, after 2 days, he seemed to be going from bad to worse. 

Over the next couple days, several hundred people participated in both private and group prayer for his recovery.

Today, he has recovered 80% of his lung function, and was moved out of ICU and into a room.

I won't say the Docs don't deserve mention here... but when they say, "All you can do is pray.", I figure they're know where to turn for help.

Thanks all!

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3 hours ago, Songster said:

Today, he has recovered 80% of his lung function, and was moved out of ICU and into a room.


That's good to hear, hope he continues to improve and fully recovers.

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I m into the health food type healing & maintenance /on supplements myself.

There s a book called" Prescription For Nutritional Healing" by Balch,5th Revision by Bell.Its America s no 1 book on natural healing.

Bell is a PHD,with Harvard Med School ,& said she teaches all the health food approach type of things in nutrition class at the Medical School.

Over the past 30 yrs,I have been doing a Health & Long Life Resource pages ,coupled to a 4,or 5,or 6 leaf clover for charity fundraising/mainly for the Red Cross.

Alternately,a talisman set,coupled to my Health & Long Life Resource pages.My health & Healing pages agree with the info in this said book I refer you to.

I passed the State Nursing exam in S Florida back in 1980,while working at the S FL St Hospital as a Unit Treatment & Rehab Specialist for the State.

Since then,I ve done independent studies in alternative ,complementary,& integrative medicine/ie,the past 38 yrs.

Use your search engine for health food store types of outlets.Swanson Vitamins & Puritans are 2 of the largest.

I recommend in my pages that if nothing else,a good one a day vitamin is the foundation of any health plan.

For instance at Swansons,they have Condition Specific Formulas,& in your dads case it would be the one for lungs/.apx 10 bucks.Mainly the lung formula would be used for things like asthma,bronchitis,& other respiratory troubles.


.The Flu has been epidemic this yr,& it impacts on the lungs secondary to the flu,Its a killer in older folks.The former president was hospitalized thusly this yr.

They make a conditions specific formula for Immune essentials, that fights infections,& its great for viral infections /flu ,as well as most infections.

Its a great thing to keep in reserve ,for most everything as we get older.

The Japanese had medical mushrooms that boost the immune system & have used them for thousands of yrs.The immune formula has a little of these mushrooms incl in the formula along with arabinogalactan,immunoglobulin,beta 1/3,1/6 glucan,elderberry ext/its anti viral,also apx 10 bucks for 60 caps.

Lysine is a amino acid thats a potent anti viral,& is found in whey protein powder concentrate,not the isolate,apx 20 bucks for 2 lb at big box stores like wall mart .Its great for all recovering illnesses,it also has another notable amino called glutamine.

Glutamine cuts healing time in 1/2 ,according to Dr  Atkins in his book called" the vita nutrient solution".


I hope my typing this in will also help others with illnesses of diverse kinds.

Vitamin D3 at 1000 to 2000 I U s ,a day,is a immune system stimulant & can make the difference in the scales of life & death

Colloidal Silver is effective against over 600 pathogens,& is available at herbalhealer  dot com,which is the strongest Ive seen available anywhere.All who read this,you can get a free membership with the herbal healer academy by asking for same.Its run by a naturopathic doctor,& everything there is also available without a prescription.Lots of resources there ...Be Blessed ,RevKHBostic,Hon DD,SWT,AASc

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I just noticed that I have failed to thank all that have responded to my earlier plea..... Thanks for your kind thoughts and healing energies!

Again, thanks!





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