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Meditation to go.....

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One of the most helpful things I have learned from meditation teachers .... was the fact i did not need to pick up a ton of ritual in order to reap benefits from meditation.   One of the most helpful things to me especially during my work years was  - meditating quicker (and more often) beat the pants off of not doing anything at all  - for effectiveness.  If I had to carve out twenty minutes it was less likely to stop and slow down than if I had a "drive through" version that I could do in five minutes. 


I NOW find either way is good.    Lots of little hits during the day can be as effective on a hectic day as a true and deep session on a relaxing day.    It seems far too many  how to medication books really offer suggested length of time per sessions  that are daunting for may - especially beginners.   it might keep someone from joining in the very best - self induced wellness program I know. 


Anyone else a fan of drive through/short but effective - style of meditation?      


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I read somewhere that any act can be an act of meditation, if approached with the right frame of mind.  I tend to believe that since meditation is about frame of mind.  I think if a person approached doing the dishes with the thought patterns of mediation, they would probably feel better after doing the dishes :) 

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tich naht hahn in his book,"peace is every step"suggests this.and he also teaches the short time"drive thru method".

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