Merry ding dong Christmas!

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All of us flux on tons of stuff in our life.   As kids we had years of wonder and delight if we were lucky. At least a couple of them. 

As adults - it can be a roller coaster.  


Years we want to see the family and years we don't.   Years we are flush with cash and jolly as heck and years we are depressed for whatever reason. 


You can do your level best to keep the holidays in the mid-range of stress ...but you are not living in a cave or under a rock.   People will gift to your (often without you wanting them to)....they will demand you be jolly, be a good sport and sing along at the office party....the family will EXPECT things from you......even sending a handmade card can get expensive.   The one thing that is very difficult is to get people to just let you be alone that holiday in particular .


It is both a good thing - and a bad thing - that people just will NOT let anyone sit alone for that one day.   Even for introverts it is both a good thing and a bad thing. 


So......let's take a positive spin with this thing for anyone that needs a push that direction. 


Picking no more than two things....why are you GRATEFUL for the holiday season   (it can be you love seeing the Grinch featured on so many items.)    What ever you pick - it has to be stated in the positive.   


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I am grateful this Forum exists.   There are things you just cannot discuss with friends and family.

So i am VERTY grateful to have this place and the support offered has helped me over some rough patches for almost fifteen years. 


I am grateful I have been allowed to live this long.   Bumps, blemishes, challenges, warts, stinking moments included.   The best thing is the OPPOSITE moments were far more frequent, the laughs, kindness and fun of life happens more. 




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I concur fully about the forum.  Exactly as you said, there are just some things that don't go over well discussion wise with the family.

I am grateful for the roof over my head.  Owning a home can be lots of things, but it's always a home to go to, refuge from the storm so to speak(although I haven't noticed very many storms here in GA as compared to the near weekly events of Illinois).

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I undoubtedly believe many would agree with you both regarding the advantages of this forum. It has been a form of family for me, as well. Yes, we squabble, at times, and just as often we support each other. Like family. Only difference, we don't know each other's faces or homes, most often, which makes the kindness of strangers especially nice.

I am also grateful for my ever loving and supportive wife, whom I credit for saving my life by forcing me to discover and remedy my sleep apnea, which my blood relatives had only joked about or ignored for years.

I am also very grateful for a good job with benefits that have greatly helped my family this past year.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for tolerating my rants, accepting my praises and contributions, and for teaching me and supporting my curious mind. 

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