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I recieved a Degree in Mental Health Technology with a Minor in Social work,back in 1979.


For the past 30 yrs apx,I ve been putting together my Health & Longlife Resource pages/apx a doz ,that go with my 4,5,6 leaf clover sales for charity,& alternately a talisman pkg with my health and longlife resource pgs..In said pages,ther a listed a 1/2 doz or so supplements for depression.


One year,I told the red cross hqtrs,they could hand them out,ie,my 4 leaf clovers or talisman sets with the health & longlife resource pgs, to people abusing stimulants,& tell them to use such anti depressant supplements from the health food store to help them get off such stimulants like the crack & cocaine,methamphetamines,etc..Once the stimulants wear off,they experience severe depression to the point of being suicidal


.Same can happen with ADD/ADHD  learning disorders taking ritalin as a side effect.Partly why they favor concera and adderal on the latter,over ritalin.One out of 10 boys is diagnosed with ADD/or ADHD.


I have a book called the Physicians Guide To Life Extension Drugs by the Life Extension Foundation,Ive been a member off non for 17 yrs,which states:Pg 51 under Bromocryptine,Bromocryptine for cocaine detoxification.The American Society For Addiction Medicine  in 1990 to 1991 ,stated bromocryptine was among the top 4 substances used for cocaine detoxification,and abstinance maintainance.


The others were amantadine,desipramine/a anti depressant,and l tryptophan/anti depressant  that is about the same as 5/HTP found in health food stores,also,it was banned a while after a tainted batch caused some sufferring,but tryptophan ban was lifted after they found it was a contaminated batch.


Footnote ,Thanksgiving is upon us,and the epidemic of drug abuse may have some overdosing due to eating turkey with the use of these outlawed stimulants street drugs.So,another source of tryptophan is eating turkey.


So,in extension of prescription anti depressants used thus as above,their over the counter counterparts from health food store & mail order outlets can do the same job.


Writing this here can help spread the word,pass it on where appropriate and make our society a better place.


PS,the medical marijuana where legal can also help take the edge off depression as well,liquor,makes depression and anxiety worse ,once the booze wears off ...Be Blessed.


I thought Id also say I took a class in alcohol/substance abuse as a specialty class with my mental health/social; work major,& also that a social work technician rating came with graduation of such a major.A few yrs later,I took the State of NC soc Work Technician State exam,about 1982 ,and passed with a 93 % .

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I had to come back & say,please excuse my typo s above ,I didn t proof read it ,as I went out for my daily walk.A daily walk can cut depression symptoms by 30%,according to the A A R P/American  Assn For Retired People s buleitin.

       I tore it out & taped it in my bathroom.Ive been taking a daily walk for the past 32 yrs..My go to cardio,with all kinds of fringe benifits.


12 % of the population suffers depression at one time or another.I had a younger brother that was bi polar diagnosed,mostly manic, but succame to the depressive episode back in 77.He had a different biological dad ,so he was a half brother.His dad was a detective,so they tried to say all the trouble he got into was me,making my life difficult back in the 70s.He moved to California,got a mechanics certificate from Long Beach Comm College,as did my older 1/2 brotherie,moved to Cal & got the mechanics certificate from Long Beach Comm College.,He also has since passed away 2 yrs back.

So my go to anti depressant is the Whey Protein Concentrate at a half scoop dose,not the Isolateform of whey protein.It has a full complex of amino acids 1/2 are good for depression all by themselves like glutamine l-,phenylalinine,gaba,tryptophan,tyrosine,bcaa s...SAMe is used for depression,&its base is  methionine ,another amino.St Johns Wort Extract is said to be one of the best anti depressants,& Kava kava ext is said to be better than valium...One should always use a multi one a day without iron on any supplement regemin...





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