Last rites ,abreviated form

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The Book of Common Prayer, Episcopal,has Daily Morning Prayer Service.


It starts off with  a bit of scripture,then the confession of sin/a General confession as opposed to" I did this n that n the other thing",specifically, as in Catholic Confessionals.

The General Confession,& can be used as Last Rites:

"Almighty & most merciful Father,

we have erred & strayed from thy ways like lost sheep,

we have followed too much the devices& desires of our own hearts,

we have offended against thy holy laws,we have left undone those things which we ought to have done,

& done those things which we ought not to have done,

But thou, O Lord,have mercy upon us,

spare thou tose who confess their faults,

restore thou those who are penitent,

according to thy promises declared unto mankind,

in Christ Jesus our Lord;

& grant ,O most mercifu Father,for his sake,

that we may hereafter live a Godly,righteous,& sober life,

to the glory of thy holy Name.Amen.



                     The Almighty & merciful Lord grant you absolution & remission of all your sins ,

true repentance,amendment of life,,

& the grace & consolation of his holy spirit.Amen."

[you should make a good act of contrition to the best of your ability ,where you may have harmed someone...]


This is incorporated into the Episcopal  Morning prayer service & can be used as a abreviated form of last rites,as found in the Book of Common Prayer, Seabury pub co..

You can obtain a copy probably,at alibri . com,a a used book store or some other used book store ,great book.


20% of our U.S. population is moving into Social Security age years right now,the greying of America.

So,this can be referred to,with so many heading towards the hereafter in the near years to come...


As part of Last Rites:.Communion wafer may be given,expedient  communion can be administered with just bread or a piece of pastry ,IMO...

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