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A good attitude is paramount for ULC ministers - Here is a little something to start your day!

The Best Recipe to Start Your Day
1 cup of dreams mixed with
1 dash of reading, then add
1 large proportion of physical activity with
3 ounces of enthusiastic desire, sprinkled with
1 large dose of fresh air inhaled at sunrise
Knead everything above well, and then add
1 heaping spoon of joy, happiness and song
1 heaping spoonful of Faith, Hope, Charity and Love
Pour it all into a glass of pure water.  Then top everything off with a smile and drink!
(used with permission from the book "When Angels Dream, book of the north)


Love and Light to all!

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Sound like a description of heaven.. It would be very difficult to maintain all those attributes on earth.

When surrounded by stress, anxiety, work, problems, trouble, rude irresponsible people, pain, etc, its practically impossible to start each day off with a drink and a smile. Unless that drink includes a shot or two of vodka :). Otherwise, joy, happiness, and song, are quickly shelved and replaced with cantankerous attributes. I guess that's the difference between an "Angels Dream" and real life.

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