Butterflies lie on my doorstep

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19 hours ago, the Hearthwitch said:

What kind are they? Is the brown a Mourning Cloak? (We have very, very different butterflies here, so not familiar with these lovelies!)


The one on the left is a Swallowtail and the one on the right is Caligo eurilochus brasiliensis- an Owl Butterfly.

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On 8/14/2017 at 10:50 AM, the Hearthwitch said:

Neat! We have Tiger Swallowtails, and Zebra- but nothing blue, like that! The Owl is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing these, that's so cool! :)

It is amazing - I have looked at the species you mention, and have found them to be gorgeous also. The blue swallowtail is common in The South, and I agree, beautiful.

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