What are items you own that broadcast your faith/ideology publicly?

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Intentionally or unintentionally, what items do you own that broadcast your belief system publicly?


For example, a pendant or bracelet with a charm on it such as a cross, a pentacle or a reiki symbol, a Darwin fish on your car, shirts or other clothing or jewelry?


I have japa/ mala bead bracelets that I wear but they are kept under long sleeves. I would not wear the bracelets if I was wearing short sleeves. I wear a pendant with a symbol that few people would know how it is interpreted. Nothing on my car. My home is also fairly discreet.  You?

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I don't own any jewelry at this point that contain symbols of my religion.  I have thought about getting a tattoo of Poseidon's trident or Hestia's flame.  I haven't decided which.


My home is a different matter.  I have a collection of statuary that I utilize in worship, and two openly displayed shrines that contain offering bowls and candles.  One I keep in devotion to the domestic gods, and the other to Herakles and Hebe.  A project I have in the works is an outdoor altar to Zeus Herkeios (protector of the fence/boundary) in my backyard, which would be visible to passersby through the fence.

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I don't wear a lot of jewelry. On occasion I do wear a pendant related to Hekate and wear a small, thin pinky ring with a tiny little pentacle on it. It isn't usually noticed even in this very christian farming down in the bible belt. I usually save them for related activities or gatherings.


At home I keep a household altar that is fairly modest and benign. The only thing that might even get attention is a small statuette that is a modern depiction of Hekate. The rest of the house is pretty secular and comfortable. Unless someone wanders into my kitchen/dining area directly they might not even notice it.

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