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A major forum software update was installed and it leaves some things looking different. One of the more obvious changes is that for anyone who does not have a user avatar uploaded, the forum will default to use the first letter of the username of the account. We do not control what color your letter is going to be.


The like button on the right of the posts also has new styling. The panel in the back does not offer options to change the styling for that either. (I liked the previous one better.) Down the road i will be able to have some graphics to upload for different styles of 'like buttons'. In the meantime, I am hoping the software developers will update to accommodate a few things. Or if you actually like this version of it, share your feedback.


If you experience any bugs with navigating or interacting with the forum software please report them here or PM me or report them in the Bug Report forum which I see is located in Help Desk in the Legal Questions forum for some reason... :blink:


Thank you and enjoy your week!  

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On 7/11/2017 at 8:09 PM, sean4554 said:

When trying to access the "Is the Republican Party Christian" thread from the Popular Now bar, I get the error code 2S136/V,  


 Almost a year later, and the problem persists. I've sent two messages to admins regarding these errors, and have received no response. ?

Whats the problem, is it my account?

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