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I know this is probably the wrong section, but had to share my find.


Was taking my mom out today to garage sales and estate sales in the area before work. Went to one Estate Sale and when looking through a pile of books found a 1952 edition of the Book of Common Prayer in a box marked free. I have a couple copies of the Book of Common Prayer (all electronic book format, either kindle or pdf files). When I seen the book I was ecstatic, even though it is older the ceremonies in it such as the Solemnization of Marriage and Order for Burial of the Dead, Ministrations of Holy baptism, etc... will be fairly the same today as it was when this edition was printed.


I have included a couple pictures, which don't do the book justice on how great the condition is.







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A 1952 copy is one thing- You know you really have something when it's from the 1800s or early 1900s. By the 50s we were already using relatively current publishing techniques (acid free paper etc.) so finding published material from the 50s still in good condition isn't all that unusual, provided the right storage conditions.

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