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Pastor Kev

What brought me back

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...To God

Last year I lost my brother, died of a heart attack. Sudden and exact. I wasn't close to him, but he was my brother and I loved him, I was sorry I wouldn't get to see him again or at least say good bye. 

I went home to visit my parents, and do a walk through of where he passed. He lived a hermits life, as I walked through the decapitated trailer it wasn't pain and tears that came to me, it was prayers and God. 

Several months before his death I had a dream, I walked with God, it was vivid, brilliant of light, and amazing with content. It was a dream that unnerved me as I woke up, trying to remember the details as I did. But all I could specifically remember that I had a conversation with God, and it was good.

A few weeks after my brother's passing I was reading something online when I saw an add to get ordained as a minister.  The first time I saw it, I passed over it, the second time I passed over a different add , I passed over it. On the third time I saw yet another add I had to see what it was a bout. 

I felt like someone was guiding me in this direction. I had often considered ministry but it was a just a passing thought. Well that was the night I became a minister. I feel like I have been called, but have not yet found my purpose. I think in the coming months that will be revealed.

Thanks for reading!


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When someone close to us dies, it has a way of causing us to question the greater purpose to life.. I believe God tries to guide everyone to His direction. Knowing God is our purpose.. Welcome to the forum

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