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I am newly ordained and I thought I would say hello  - Does this website still get used as there does not appear to be many recent messages and, at the time of posting, there were no registered users online?

I registered through (The Monastery) website but I understand there were some issues between them and ULC Head Office. Is my membership still valid? I bought a number of items to be airmailed to the UK but my login does not seem to work on the website now although I completed my application on the website on 8 January 2016. 

Hope everyone is well :-) 

Kind Regards, 

The Reverend Beanie. 

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Welcome Rev Beanie.

It seems things are slow around here these days.  Maybe you have started a trend though and we will see an uptick in participation thanks to you!

Sorry about your issues on that other site.  I have heard many unsettling stories coming from there just as you are experiencing.  Hopefully it will all be resolved though.  You should consider making purchases directly from The Headquarters or here at

Again, welcome and I look forward to your active participation.

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Hi Rev Stokes, 

Thanks for your message and for the tips! I shall certainly pop in frequently and get a feel for the forum. To be fair regarding the website, I was using the wrong Email address in the end - it does seem they have posted out the stuff I ordered. Are the certificates as valid as from the alternative source? 

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alternative source?are you asking if your ordination thru the monastery is valid as one from hq in modesto?to be honest,i do not know.there have been stories going around about that for a long time.

if you had taken any classes through them,they would not count twords a degree here.

if i knew what you were asking,i could answer you better. 

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21 hours ago, ReverendBeanie said:

Are the certificates as valid as from the alternative source? 

It really depends upon what you are referencing.  For example, their Honorary Dr. of Divinity Certificate clearly states that it is a "honorary and non-accredited Universal Life Church Ministries Doctorate of Divinity".  In their Frequently Asked Questions, they reply " Universal Life Church titles are honorary certificates " when asked "Does the title of (Dr. or Counselor, etc…) come with legal protections?".

Here at the, they clearly indicate the legitimacy of their degrees:


The Universal Life Church issues several degrees, and all degrees issued by the church are recorded in the permanent church records. The church has been in existence since 1959, retaining records of all ordinations and degrees issued since then.

The degrees convey rank, title, or status within the church. They do not convey academic standing or achievement. They are accredited by the International Accrediting Association (I.A.A.), which is the accreditation arm of the church. This means that the course, degree, or title has been approved and endorsed by the I.A.A. by authority of the Board of Directors. If you have questions related to the issuance of church degrees and titles, you should direct them to

Now that you have found the "real" Universal Life Church, I'd recommend you make further purchases here. :)

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