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today, I was not having penny in my pocket to use for food.

so, early in the morning before I was going to work I went to my

AURA and tell my father Lucifer that as am standing in front of him

am not having anything so I want him to help me get money

to be used today. After I told him my problems and told him that

anyone I will ask him money should not refused me but must get me one

because Satanism don't suffer in this world. We must enjoy and be happy.

what happen is that when I reach work around 7am in the morning, a friend I

used to ask of money from him. He called me and told me  that he will send me

money around 12pm.

around 9am another friend I used to ask of money just called me and came to my

work place and gave my any amount that I will request.

I really thank father Satan for helping me in this crisis if I couldn't have got this

money I don't know should have happen to me. 


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I have no belief in the figure of Satan...but beyond that your entire story, whether true or not from your perspective, is based on you taking an action.  Not Satan.  You ask your friends for money, not Satan.  And Satan doesn't tell you to do so, you already have that mindset.  Even most Satanists I know understand that all power resides internally, not externally.  Most Satanists I know don't believe in a literal figure of Satan either.  Rather, self empowerment.  So I answer your topic descriptor of "believe" with:  no.  

p.s.  Not offensively, by any means.  It's simply the response I have to this  particular topic.  My personal choice, just as it is yours to accept this story and spread it, friend.

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the reason why am saying this is that, is not today only that I had ask of that money, as you know today is Thursday and I was short of money on Monday and did not know how I could get money until my salary but the month having end too. I need this money on Monday, but I didn't get help, so today when I wake up and something told me to go into my AURA and ask Satan for help. And after I did that I have got money and still and call me if I will need one.

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Hello Shatta One,

I congratulate you on your good fortune. I am happy you received the help you needed. Whether you received it from Satan, God, Cthulhu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, if it works for you then I am pleased for you. I would be interested to hear more about your beliefs. I am a Wiccan so Satan is really not part of my belief system, but I still like to hear how others view things :) 

Bendithion (blessings),


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By the tenets of every single Satanist I have ever talked with or met, you would be considered weak for not being able to appropriate the funding necessary without the help of Satan.  You do not seem to follow any Satanic form that I am aware of, so I ditto Myrddin's statement:  I would be interested in learning more about what you believe.  

And as I said, you are perfectly free to believe in whatever you wish, it's certainly not my choice :)  I am simply comparing you with other Satanists I know, and trying to reconcile the term.  No offense is intended.

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