Extra-dimensional Beings

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I do not mean to fall off of the esoteric deep end by posting this, but I am curious to hear other people's opinions. A psychic once said I was not a human. I was told I was from another galaxy and was only here on Earth to witness the changes as Earth ascends into a higher plane of existence. I naturally took this with a grain of salt, but I have heard of "starseeds" before. (According to the starseed concept a lot of people here have souls or spirits that originate on other planets.)  As I have stated elsewhere I practice a form of Celtic Shamanism and travel as a wolf spirit when going on shamanic journeys. I believe that I am traveling to other dimensions or planes of existence when I do this. It is my belief that concepts of the Underworld, Heaven, and Hell are ways of describing other dimensions or planes. I have read paranormal and cryptozoological discussions of aliens, demons, angels, bigfoot, chupacabras, and werewolves that suggest that some of these creatures are extra-dimensional visitors. (Where is Dana Scully when you need her?) Anyway, I have this paranormal stew of ideas floating around in my head and sometimes I come up with bizarre thoughts. I was half-dreaming and remember thinking what if I am an extraterrestrial canid (dog-like entity) here to drink Bahama Mamas while watching the Earth evolve into a higher state of consciousness? What if being a shamanic wolf spirit is just a different way of interpreting this? I am a fan of the show Ancient Aliens, and they frequently suggest that our myths and folklore were just the result of the way our ancestors interpreted extraterrestrial contact. BTW, before anyone else mentions this, I do not practice drug-induced shamanic journeys. I enter a trance state by listening to music, and the strongest substance I might be under the influence of is caffeine :)  I am not claiming that any of this is true, but it's just one of those "things that make you go hmmmm." I know this topic may be a little far out, but I thought it would perhaps be fun to discuss. If anyone else has stories related to these subjects, please share them.

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I cannot believe that in all the universe we are the only intelligent life forms. At the same time, why should we believe that aliens would be any more advanced than we are? I have a picture in my head of an alien unit inside a shelter if some sort, gathered around an entertainment source, taking in nutritious substances and worrying how their offspring will turn out and if they will have enough resources to survive when the grow old. 

I think of other dimensions  as being the paths we didn't take when we make our choices and decisions in life. That would make other dimensions limitless in number and a woven fabric of possibilities.

I do not believe in a physical heaven or hell.

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