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On 5/17/2016 at 11:01 PM, Songster said:

Thanks for the leads... I'm not fundamentalist, but I am a Christian, and I appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Thanks!

( And West Virginia is "almost Heaven")

You might consider joining the National Association of Christian Ministers. Membership is free so are several of the training classes. A couple of others cost but not much, I think one of the courses is $19.

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I suppose this all depends upon one's perspective- but coming from the background of the CFM (Christian Fellowship Ministries) I can say within all practicality that nothing really replaces one's own careful study and interpretation of things. Therefore, I treat "Training" etc. as an administrative adjunct to the ministry- such shouldn't be looked to in order to address issues of doctrine, etc.- as one should already have the meat and bones of that end of things well cooked by the time they are called into the ministry. Rather, what one needs to learn are the organizational, management, and communications skills that are requisite of the ministry. In this respect, many of the offered training programs (especially those of the fundamentalists) are severely lacking.

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