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I know it seems a whimsical question, but recently I began wondering what identifiers people used for themselves. Most of the people I know when asked this question will reply with oh I am a doctor, or I work at walmart, or I am a housewife(or dad). Some few people will reply that they go to such and such church, or attend college at this school or that. I thought I would start off broadly to see what other people might think of the question itself, aside from the music reference which is obviously the first thing that MUST pop into anyone's mind :) I don't think there are right or wrong answers to such a question, since the only person qualified to answer for each individual is probably that individual themselves. Brother Kaman, I have never gotten the answer you gave before, but I think it strikes closest to the mark for me.

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Who I am is differnt from the groups I identify with, although they may give you some clues.

In no particular order, and with no implication of completeness, I Identify as...




Mixed European














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Ah, ok. Now that I see what you are asking:

I'm a male, introverted, hetero, Anglo, open minded seeker of truth and good vibrations. I see value in multiple worldviews, so I don't hold to just one. (The truth is universal.) I am easy going and fiercely loyal to a very select collection of friends. I believe in hard work and just rewards, as I'm not unafraid to sweat, but if there be an easier way, I'll try it. (Work smarter, not harder.) I identify as Democrat, but only because I do not feel connected to any other parties.

I am a father, lover, fiance, friend, brother, and son. (Was a husband once, and hope to be again someday, if she'll truly have me.)

My heritage is mixed and broken. Thereby uneasy to trace.

Is this what you wanted to know, cuchulain?

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I am a(n):


immortal (in the spiritual sense; my physical body can certainly die)

eternal being (having always existed and will always exist)



Reiki shinpiden (master, teacher)


Cancer sun sign (Gemini rising, Leo moon sign)

goth (the subculture, not the historical Germanic tribe)



polyamorous lover (meaning having more than one sexual partner)


cynic (expecting and preparing for the worst but being pleasantly surprised if it turns out otherwise)

observer (more so than participant)

genius (or at least a child genius at one point)

Caucasian; primarily mixed British Isles ancestry, some Scandanavian, German, French, and tiny amounts (approx. 1%) of Native American and sub-Saharan African

native Floridian

Southern (both sides of the family were originally from Georgia)

college grad (B.A., Psychology)

mental health and substance abuse counselor

Democrat (but will vote across party lines)

Middle class (technically, but unable to financially enjoy a Middle class lifestyle)

apartment dweller

used car driver

fast food connoisseur

Coca-cola drinker

ex-Fundamentalist Christian (Pentecostal, Baptist)





lord of all I survey (about 3 feet around me; things beyond that are not guaranteed to be under my control. Mileage may vary.)

supreme being within my own inner world :)

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In both Vedantic Hinduism and Buddhism there is a meditation that follows the question "Who am I?" I have been following that meditation for many years. It does not give an answer, but it leads one into an interesting understanding into how complex we are. After years of practicing this meditation I have found a bit of serenity. I have understood that I am just another man trying to find meaning in a sometimes confusing existence. I will continue to practice this meditation even though I might never find an answer.

But I can say a few things as to who I am: I am a man who grew up in a culture of two languages; a man who is the product of many races: white, black, Taino Indian of the Caribbean. I have grown up in three religions: Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. I love freedom, the ocean, and the mountains of my island. But my true nature will probably always elude me. Who am I?

Hermano Luis

Morivivi Hermitage

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