Looking For Paradise: Primera Parte Finished Product

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Looking For Paradise: Primera Parte is completely published on JukePop Serials with all eight chapters including the interlude chapter Chicken : Robber. Click on the picture for the link!

Completely free to read.

Currently, I am working on Segunda Parte and Tercera Parte. Cuarta Parte will come after that.

When I am done with these parts I'll be publishing them in novel/novella format with the publisher of my choice.

Keep supporting - and don't forget to sign up for a free account on JPS so you can read and bookmark all your favorite serials on there! All that's required is a working email address and a dedication to reading!

Please +Vote for my serial if you like it. (:

Also, if you're interested in publishing your own serial on JPS then click here to read the submission requirements and sign up!

Happy reading!

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