Btw, I Am Not A Fallen Angel Or An Extraterrestrial

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Greetings all,

I am a Warlock or male Classic/Traditional Witch, and I just wished to address the current trend towards Luciferianism instead of Paganism in Traditional Witchcraft (in case anyone runs into this on the internet and thinks I endorse this). There had always been an underlying current of this within Traditional Witchcraft, even in one of my favorite books, Mastering Witchcraft, but I overlooked it and did not incorporate it into my practices. The story goes that the first Witches were taught magic and mated with the Watcher Angels of The Book of Enoch. The Pagan gods of Europe were considered by those following this tradition to be either Watchers or Nephilim masquerading as gods. There is a belief that those who are naturally drawn to Witchcraft have "witch blood" inherited from these fallen angels through their Nephilim descendants who were purported to be the forefathers of the elves and fairies of European folklore, according to those who believe such things. Many Witches were believed to have ancestors among the fairies or elves or at least close ties to them. I do not understand why someone who is searching for the pre.Christian beliefs of Europe would want to graft into the Judeo-Christian tradition; it seems to defeat the purpose. I am sure some Christians will be very happy to hear of Witches acknowledging that their Pagan gods are really fallen angels :(. I believe that the gods are the gods and originally had nothing to do with Judeo-Christian tradition until the Pagans were converted by the missionaries. As far as "witch blood" goes, I do believe, as my Pagan ancestors did, that the gods are our ancestors, and I will acknowledge there may be some genetic components that predispose one to have an affinity for Witchcraft or exhibit other metaphysical abilities. Something I personally find even more annoying than equating the gods with the fallen angels is the further extrapolation that the Watchers were actually E.T.s in the modern UFO sense. Those who espouse this say Witchcraft is really a label for Sci-Fi type psychic abilities inherited from their alien forbears. I know that ancient aliens theories are quite popular, and I don't mean to knock anyone who believes them. I just prefer myth and magic as my paradigm rather than UFOs and E.T.s. (I choose to live in The Lord of the Rings rather than The X-files :P.) Also, I have no problem with Luciferians using the term Witch in general or even Traditional Witch in its broad sense as a practitioner of non-Wiccan or pre-Wiccan forms of Witchcraft or folk magic, but my issue is when they represent themselves as Celtic or Germanic Traditional Witches and imply their beliefs are a form of indigenous European religion. I do acknowledge that large chunks of Judeo-Christian ceremonial magick and Qabalah have found their way into European folk magic since the coming of Christianity, but angels, demons, and the Judeo-Christian "God" were not part of the original belief system of my Pagan ancestors. I do use elements of ceremonial magic within my path, but I do not pretend they are of European origin. In any case, I posted this just because I wished to clarify my personal views on the matter. So if you see this Welsh Warlock flying across the night sky on Halloween, it will be on a pitchfork or broom and not with angel wings or in a UFO :holloween:.

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my understanding of luciferianism is that it is a"denomanation"of satanism,like the temple of set,or even the church of satan(among others).to my understanding,they all tend to be atheistic,so i'm not sure why they would need the title of"witch".

then again,my understanding of witches is that they generally don't follow a set religion,and they too can be atheists.

of course,i could be wrong.

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Hi Mark :),

Luciferianism is a subset of Satanism, some are theistic and some are atheistic just as some Satanists are atheists like the Church of Satan and some are theists like the Temple of Set who believe the god Set exists and was the prototype for Satan. You are correct that the term Witch alone doesn't signify a particular belief system, but those I am speaking of are presenting themselves specifically as practicing European Traditional Witchcraft and are mixing Luciferian and European Pagan beliefs implying that pre-Christian European gods are really fallen angels which I find demeaning :(. My belief is that indigenous European religion was more akin to Druidry or Asatru and had nothing to do with fallen angels.

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Yeah, I always heard the theories and thought them kind of demented, personally :) Of course, considering I am a Druid, it isn't really a stretch that I would believe the mythology over the sci fi, eh? I could see someone having the blood of the Celtic gods in them, considering our mythology is riddled with references of such, and our deities have always been very human in nature as well. Aliens? I don't buy that one, myself. Perhaps its just genetic mutation? Who knows the reasoning behind such, and I think personally that it's up to each of us as practitioners to decide for ourselves, much like you have done friend.

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