Is Your Heritage Or Ethnicity A Factor Within Your Belief System?

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On ‎09‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 4:31 PM, Songster said:

Ethnicity? No.

Heritage? Hmmmm... Maybe..... it no doubt had a great influence on me as a child, and I accepted the validity of the religious tenets I was taught... As an young adult, I discounted and discarded those beliefs, and assumed the attitude that what I had learned as a child was a lie perpetuated by others to control my behavior. I subsequently studied the religious beliefs of others and adopted and practiced some of the rites and beliefs of several different religions in succession. Now, however... Having been blessed with an epiphany where I was granted an intimate awareness and understanding of the nature of my Creator (and He is the God I was introduced to as a child), I don't know..... It may be that the education I received as a youth may have had an influence on how I perceived His presence, but it was my personal experience that eliminated any question (in my mind) of God's existence and determined the personal beliefs to which I now adhere.

Who is your god?

If your initial religion lied, to me they are all liars, --- except mine of course as it is based on reality, --- what makes you think your new one is telling you the truth of it's god?



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