Traditional Or Contempary Church Service

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As emalpaiz stated you are free to create (hold) your on style of worship. IIRC the service held in Modesto at the ULCHQ is not a normal structured service, anyone is allowed to take the pulpit and talk about their religion even if its say Buddhism or Christianity or Judaism. They can also if they so wish lead the attending congregation in the reading of religious texts.

The group I call my congregation consists of now (not counting myself) about 8 people. All we do is sit around and talk about what our religious beliefs are, what we could do to help others, etc... my group is an eclectic group, we have Agnostics, a Jew, a Catholic, an Atheist, Protestants, a Hindu and a Pagan Witch in the group. We dont meet weekly like most congregations, instead meeting once every other week. We don't pass around a collection plate, though we all do chip in a couple bucks for pizzas, usually having just enough for the pizzas, some two litters of pop and the tip for the delivery person. We meet at the house of one of the members during the colder months and when the weather warrants it, during the late spring, summer and early fall when its warm out and the weather is nice we will meet up at a park, and instead of pizza we might do a BBQ, with me bringing riblets or hotdogs, someone else bringing chips, someone bringing a salad, someone bringing drinks, etc... even if someone brings something that a member cant eat due to religious reason (like the pork riblets) we do make sure there is an alternative that they can eat.

Your congregation could follow a structured worship service found in say a Catholic, Presbyterian, Mormon, Pentecostal, Orthadox, etc... church or a more relaxed format similar to what I use (and as I said, iirc, what the ULCHQ uses). Ultimately it is up to you and your congregation (as determined by the Board of Directors if your congregation is organized to have one for making the decisions on the operations of the church).

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