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Has anyone had any experience registering with the County Clerk in Mississippi? Particularly Rankin County. Is a letter of good standing needed in Mississippi? I believe the law states one must be "a minister in good standing" but does that necessarily mean that you must prove good standing with a letter from Headquarters.

And, what's the best advise for calling the County Clerk and inquiring about such? Should ULC be mentioned or not?

Tommy G.

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As far as I know from my research, Mississippi doesn't require a Minister to Register. From looking at the Rankin County website it looks like only the Couple needs to register 9to get their marriage license). There are only 11 states and 2 cities (NYC and Washington DC) I believe that have any registering requirements, I posted the info for all of them that i could find in the New Members & FAQ section under Ohio Minister registration to Solemnize Marriages heres the link to the posts

Hopefully this helps.

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Wow. Thanks. And do, forgive me, although I have been ordained since 2008, I have never performed a wedding. And, I don't know that I ever will. I just want to be clear on what to do if I am ever asked. Do I check with the county first before telling a couple that I can perform their wedding? Or, if no registration is required, just perform the wedding and risk the county rejecting the ordination and being sued by the couple for ruining the marriage? That would be horrible embarrassing for the couple and myself. I am one that needs to know prior. Or am I making too much of the whole thing in that it is really a very simple process.

In the new booklet from ULC "We Are One", it says to call the county clerk and state, "I am a minister of a church in California (don't say ULC, as this will cause the clerk to lock up and maybe question ULC) and I would like to know if there are any requirements for a minister to register with the county to perform marriages." IF the clerk asks whether you have a church here, state that "we have churches in all 50 states". If the clerk asks what religion you are a member of it shouldn't matter because the state doesn't "approve" ones religion over another.

I am really just erring on the side of caution. I'd really feel best speaking with some one who has performed a wedding in MS. As a health care practitioner I know how these state offices can be. Some question nothing, others give you grief.

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