"who Will Evil" Who; "who Will Live Who"? Ask Phil...


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No good or evil, just, is, you say?

At 57, I'm getting signals from media, that I'm obsolete, cost too much, let 'em die, no soup for "me". Affordable Health Care Act has turned hospital ER triage into a twilight zone.

An expensive do less program not worth it.

I grew up in the most genuine customer service atmosphere, my dad quickly advanced to V.P. of Marketing for the first computerized car dealer accounting and parts inventory services system.

I know from to get it done right and if it breaks fix it fast.

Now, I'm experiencing a world that went from make something to break everything.

So, who will Evil who, how, for what? And where does my precious perceptions go to be a "Live" who amoung my ilk. Sorry to say, at this time, church is nit at the top of my list.

You hear the news, who gonna come send the kids out to die for what, who, when?

I'm going into youtube to find "choose your perceptions" type videos and look back at some recommended stops earilier.

First hit -

Irony hit -

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The art of misdirection...

You nailed it this time Aloha Rick,

it seems to come in every post,

that comes off your toast.

What's worse never in time of nick.

Invading with videos,

Never much do they mean,

Many most of us have seen,

Syncronicity of idio's.

So where are you now,

or should I say when,

it seems all from then,

Good golly don't have a cow.

You say you sing,

and are ever so clever,

so pull that lever,

and give us a tune thing.

Blessings of Peace,

Having lived true Aloha for many years, where and when will you spread it and show some? Just curious as we all are.

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