Musical Irony

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How about a Priest listening to Priest, Judas Priest that is, LOL

Or how about a minister who is also a certified Diver listening to Holy Diver by Dio?


Never got into Priest or Dio, myself, just weren't in my musical circles. I *do* like the Holy Diver thing, though, that's pretty sweet.

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The obverse side of a Rainbow Demon, almost.

Actually, I'll be the "third side of a coin" to snuggle on thru this irony report.

Irony can be pretty ironical... but I'm "looking to see abundence" now, see other Phil post.

How does a small 20 bag ripper or ice user or "bad night psyco-kill" fit into abundence, needs explaining.

I'll go with the things I look for are safe and just have to figure the others won't find me.

The irony or wanting to live in a world of consumption, lots of drug and information mind addled folks to survive and then educated - RIGHT!!!

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