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Perception, Prayer, Good Wish

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Here is my almost final answer.

Assuming, the clearest perceptions are all we can really offer each other, got to wonder why so much is occult - hidden. And how we perceive.

Email controls and more are hidden in applications, until moused over, bad for the retarded like me.

A prayer, a good wish, is an idea to spike perceptions. How to perceive misdeeds or "misdeeds" or be able to see through, seems forgiveness is up in here. Heard of love and grattitude, but, just "give it up" - hey, that ice head wants me money or life.

So, I'd like to perceive in a way that just makes my butter melt, my heart purr my mind relax.

Got plenty to do to study the values I bring to perception. Nature or nurture seems in play here.

I'm exceptional, at least challenged to be exceptional, get estranged when folks around me just exist, not thrive in service to other, instinctivly.... bla, bla, bla. Expect the best, prepare for the worst, a precept road-bump.

I'm off to other tasks, time to "Bug Out".

ARMY style coming up, what perception are around here?

I'm off to task now, hope to discover or invent a percption skill I'm lacking with all my input so far.

See you all in a few, orbits or more.

Hope there is an answer to the ideas of perception, prayer, good wishes and the rest of the story.

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