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Exceptionalism, American style, is an issue in my neighborhood of 1,000,000 folks. Recently the Chief of Police in an extended family dispute over a mailbox - Federal Issue, caused a mistrial. The news reports how deeply and seriously messed up the chief's family is at this time. There is so much mixed culture in place, all at odds with each other, each culture pushing the others back, actual and subtle cuts, slights and bull(ies). Private and public properties issue around people abound in this frustration. This is exhausting, to seem to have no alternative but to walk away from everything, only to run right back into "everything" again.

Staying at home is not my option and doing business or pleasure really bums me out. Move, right, where, the USA folks like Breaking Bad T.V. series, the T.V. audience of how many, 200 million??? Speed freaks are everywhere and syringes left out on the ground here as well.

Do not suffer fools, you heard it. A real man for me, has become, in PTSD, one that does not suffer a woman, PERIOD. The soul here is programed to understand how "strange a trip it is to be a woman", so help 'em, but actually, I am so glad their "liberated", I'll just go off into a more better relationship.

Where is that relationship, here kid, hold the Jesus Doll, right?

Exceptional is a uncelebrated idea here, not entirely, but buck American Exceptionalism as often as possible. I'd swear I'm in a junk yard of punks if a $3000.00 business suit or a broken sneaker folk, girls and boys, especially the police, are at large, very posionous.

So, God is so Exceptional, etc., etc. Then the Angel ranks, so by, the time it gets to me, we, I'm, we are, the exception. Unfairly considered inappropriate by pirates, whores and punky-bullies, hiding in plausable deniability, excercising a passive-aggressiveness, is worse then the feeling rejection(s) experience(d) by a Kirby Vaccume Cleaner Sales Man could be at any given time.

Ignoring them all, yes I mean, ALL, does not do more then post an increase into the PTSD account. A experience(s) and/or belief system(s) has not happened yet to be confident and comfortable. What Would Jesus Suffer - as the story goes, we know. How does one "walk through the valley of death".

If I do not for safety watch for the crack or holes in the sidewalk, I cannot go down the street without experienceing dread. Proximity to other's thoughtlessness is damaging to me, very seriously.

The "hotline" just says take it a minute at a time, like a twelve step program.

I want my minutes to be constructive, not something to try survive.

What is going on, I'm beyond the mid-life crisis? And feel stuck right in the middle of "The Ballad of Curtis Low".

I can have a great attitude and perform well, not happening now though, how did Jesus was reported to deal with these things, I think it was call God collect and have headquarters obliterate Sodom and G-morra, after tortured procrastination because there were saveable souls - a loaded concept, no?

HDMI means High Definition Media Interface to me now, o.k.?

Three video links, in HD where possible, follow, Ballad of Curtis Low, White and Nerdy and It's All About the Pentium. What I may have not translated well in words, shows a blend of ideas that may inspire a rounder discussion. Are you such a blend, are what???

Could be me!

You second this?

Nice, new, good to me.

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