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hello everyone

i greet you all in the name of our precious name of our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

i'm wandering for all of you guitarists out there, how many of you use pedals?

i use a Wampler Ego Compressor and i use the Wampler Paisley Overdrive and sometimes i'll use a Zoom G1XN.

i'm blind so if possible, please refrain from pictures. if it's absolutely vital for you to post them then at least give me the satisfaction of knowing what the heck it is you are posting.

thanks for understanding.

god bless you

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Hello Timothy. I greet you in my own name, but wouldn't presume to speak for anyone else. Welcome!

I mostly play acoustic these days, so no pedals, but with my electric and bass I swear by Boss for effects pedals. I use a digital delay, chorus, sometimes a flanger and a multi-band equalizer. I have a nice little digital reverb which usually sits in the effects loop at the end of the chain. I have built-in compression on the bass amp, I don't use it for guitar. I generally prefer an octaver to using distortion, but mine went walkies a while back and I haven't replaced it.

I also have a Zoom multi-effects box, but I've never really felt comfortable with it. Too many options and it's hard to see how they hang together.

If I were to add anything (other than a new octaver) I think I might go for an envelope shaper if I can find one. They're out of fashion but can do a lot of nice things: auto wah, auto swell, triggered filters, etc.

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no pedals at this time, sad to say. Had to sell a lot of music equipment when the daughter was born and stuck in a hospital in saint Louis for 5 months. Just now getting some of it back. But, I used to use a wah pedal, that's all I have ever really played with. Some of my friends had effects pedals, and they were fun, just not something I ever invested in, but now that I have the idea I might explore a bit.

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Used to use a Boss distortion and/or flanger occasionally. Then had a DOD chorus which was great for fuller sound.

That was when I wasted my time and money on a lot of stuff.

Now I play pure, no pedals. Even my equipment got lighter. Just a Fender Strat and small amp, or Yamaha acoustic, alone.

I play mainly for meditative release of stress or boredom.

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