What Is Fair?


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equity in who's eyes? I may think a sandwich is the best thing in the world, and worth hundreds of dollars. If so, and someone offered me a sandwich in return for a diamond ring, I would feel I was getting a good deal. And also, there are circumstances, such as supply and demand. A man in the desert might give his most valued possession for a cup of water, while a man living by a pure spring would be much less likely to do so, don't you think Pan?

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I understand the problem, I understand the proposed solutions, and I understand the limits of the solutions proposed.

At this point i will remind you of the study i posted earlier regarding our inability to tell when we don't understand stuff.

I would be more amiable to consider proposals with previous real world results.

That's just an admission of prejudice, no?

The entire environment cannot be sandboxed or controlled, which is why empirical snapshots of partial data are not informative

That you do not know how to use the data does not mean the data cannot be used.

Actually Wal-mart guesses, and adjusts their guess when it is wrong. They are unable to correctly project with certainty. I would expect no more in an indeterminate world.

So success in business is a matter of luck? No amount of skill or expertise gives an advantage in product design or business modeling, because you can't have a better than random chance of correctly identifying market trends? That is seriously your claim?

Which is why certain things are expensive, you have to pay to share in the results of others' risks.

"some" yes. Other things are expensive because people are willing to pay and the people controlling supply want a high price. Nothing more or less complex. As for having to pay, a lot of what people do creates benefits for others that cannot be monetized. You are currently benefitting from risks taken by others without paying them anything.

My archetype for those who demand payment

Where did the word "demand" come from? We were talking about owing debts, not trying to collect them. You would be dead without the efforts of men you will never meet. Isn't it only fair to acknowledge that you owe them a debt you can never really repay? Edited by mererdog
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