"we Have The Body."


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So.... Here's the gist of these readings..... If one accepts the readings as accurate....

The Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach was the most recent reincarnation of an individual that once ruled over the ancient Egyptians. As Ra-Ta, he over-saw the initiation of "improvements" and adaptations to physically deformed pre- or sub- human beings, in an effort to create (or recreate) beings more receptive and "in-tuned" with God.

That's how I read it...

How about you?

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Lets see if this works to get us there...


Okay, the linked I posted works. Just an FYI...when c/p links, always right click on the #1 in the upper right corner of the article you wish to link, click "Copy link location" and all should be good!

Have a great day...

Blessings of Peace,


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