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Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section of the forum. Figured that due to the topic it would be best suited for the General discussion section.

Does anyone know of a good source to purchase a custom embosser for embossing foil seals with the ULC logo/seal (the logo/seal that is found on the Gold Foil seals that can be purchased here)that isn't too expensive? I know the Wedding Words and More on Disc contains a copy of the seal and the disc states that it is available for us ULC ministers to freely use on certificates, letterheads, etc...

I have found a few online sources but they all seem to be text only no custom image (though the one I seen mentioned on the Staples website does say Custom Logo in the product description for about $45 or so) or the ones that allow for custom artwork are around the $150+ range . I am not too worried about the embosser also stamping the logo onto the seal with ink, though that could be a plus.

Thanks in advance for any help directing me to a source for a good embosser that allows for custom artwork that is fairly inexpensive (say approx $50 or so).

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Ok I was an idiot :dunce: , and yes I know double post, but its past the allotted time for editing my original post. I forgot to check one major place online, Amazon :doh: . After my initial post above I went to Amazon to check on something totally different and realized I should look to see if there's any embossers available through them. Found some handheld one starting around $20 or so that the seller will do custom logos for on the dies along with a seller that does extra dies for about $15. Have some credit on Amazon from gift cards, will have to see how much I have and possibly order an Embosser and an extra die or two.

Now just need to find a good source for foil seals, especially if I do order the Embosser through Amazon.

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Lol Proof of live and learn. Thanks for sharing, though. Others will benefit of your experience. Especially now that they know where they can get what they need.

Personally, I've often found my "duh" moments to have been the most enlightening, though slightly embarassing.

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The embosser I ordered should be arriving today, depending on the USPS. I am not sure what image they used for the seal, supplied two, one that is the same as the foil seals you can buy through the bookstore here (since dont have any editing software asked if they could remove the starbusrt points from the image of this seal design that's on the Wedding Words and More disc) and then one that you can see on the ULCHQ homepage (if they are unable to remove the starburst points from the other seal). Total price for the embosser with shipping was $23.89. Didn't order any blank gold foil seals, will be getting those here in the next couple weeks, still have some of the Seals I bought from the bookstore here last year that I will be using up first.

As I mentioned in an above post, will try to get a picture of the embosser and the embossed seal (will most likely be embossed on a piece of cardstock with light rubbing of charcoal over the embossed image to allow one to see it in the picture) when it does arrive.

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Heres the images of the embosser.

It came unassembled (die and handle seperate) in a hard plastic case. The image of the embossed seal was the sample they sent. I did emboss some black red and green cardstock scraps, though will have to upload the shots of them to a new post since at the limit.

As mentioned the Embosser cost me $23.89 of that $4.99 was the shipping. Took about a week and a half to arrive, USPS was notified on Sat 11/7 the package was ready for pickup, package picked up Wed 11/12 and sent 2-day Priority mail (probably would have been here sooner but the seller was closed Monday and Tuesday to give their employees an extended Veterans Day holiday).

If its not out of line to post the link to the embosser here it is: if linking to the Amazon page where we can order this Embosser is inappropriate for the forums or this section, I apologize in advance and Mods please feel free to remove the link.

When I purchased it it was through the Amazon Smiles program so that Amazon donated part of the cost of the Embosser to the charity of my choice that has partnered with Amazon Smiles. For the Amazon Smiles program I have chosen the Carriage Town Ministries of Flint Carriage Town Ministries is a local Homeless Shelter that provides care and support to Men Women and children of the Flint area, along with providing the shelter they also have educational programs available to help train individuals with life and job skills that will help get them back on their feet). The Carriage Town Ministries is one of the two charities I regularly donate to, the other being the Old News Boys of Flint (the ONB's help provide a Christmas to less fortunate children by providing them with gifts for Christmas).

Just found on amazon Avery 2" gold foil seals (44/pack) for $4 with free shipping, about to order them with the last of the amazon gift card credit I have right now. The Gold Seals I have from here I will probably save for my own use (Official Title certificates, Doctor of Divinity certificate, spare copy of Credentials etc...).

The Image of the Embosser after the die (the silver thing) is the embosser and the die in the case.







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