Starting A Church Or Ministry To Run A Non-Profit Organization?

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Hello, and thank you for reading my post.

I am trying to start a non-profit organization to help people in Nevada. And the company helping me put together my project says that since I am already a minister, that it would probably be better for me, since my dream is so broad, to start a ministry or church, then I can help whoever, whenever.

This will make me very happy, however, I have no desire to preach.

Thoughts please?

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Wonderful! Do not preach... TEACH! There is a difference. Preachings enslaves people to dogma; when we teach we liberate the mind and help to open open our minds to Understanding and our hearts to Loving-Compassion. You can always invite others to teach in you mission.

Hermano Luis

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What do you want to do? Do you want to run a soup kitchen? Shelter homeless cats? Run a literacy project? It might make a difference.

Do you want government funding? Do you want private funding? It might make a difference.

A lot of people won't donate to a church. Some people will only donate to a church. Some people will only donate to their own church. It could make a difference.

More details, please.

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