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My family is going through a trying time. My father's dad passed away several years ago and my grandmother has pretty much given up and doesn't want to do anything. She would sleep all day long if you let her. She has dementia and she just sits and picks at her skin and face all day long, stares at people and will ask the same questions multiple times a day even just after having asked it not even 5 minutes ago. She has gotten to the point where she needs in home care so after my uncle who is a Baptist pastor was granted power of attorney, he hired his brother, my dad, to move in with her along with my mother. Well this is when things got bad. They weren't so bad for a while but my dad has a HORRIBLE temper and is the LAST person that needs to be taking care of an elderly person with dementia. He has this attitude to where he is the only person that is right and he doesn't want to listen to anyone else. He treats everyone around him like they are less than him and like we are lower than dirt. He is absolutely horrible to his mother. He cusses her out every day and calls her dumb and stupid and every other demeaning name he can think of. I've had enough of it and have butted heads with him MANY times over the subject. And to make matters worse, my uncle acts like he doesn't care. He criticizes me for only going over to my grandmother's to eat and then leave. I spend more time with her in a day than he does all week. He comes by the house maybe 1 time a week. He has put his church family before his blood family and I don't agree with that. Both he and my father should be ashamed of how they act. I'm literally at my wits end over here and can't take it much longer. I can't stand how he treats my grandmother and I'm not going to sit idly by and watch. Just today he threatened to beat me if I didn't stop talking to him. As hard as I try I will never get him to see that he is wrong. My only hope is that God Almighty will intervene and make my dad and uncle see the errors of their ways. I'm far from perfect but I love my grandmother and would never treat her the way she is being treated. I need as much prayer as I can get that God will bless my family and fix this horrible situation we are in. Please pray for God to give me the strength to deal with this and to put an end to the evil that is hard at work in her house. I feel that Satan has his evil claws buried deep in my dad. Please pray for me and my family as we need some type of intervention. We need a miracle. So I guess after having said all this are there any lawyers out there in South Carolina that I can talk to who will give me advice on what I need to do? If my uncle is going to sit back and let my father treat my grandmother like trash and continue to call her stupid I need a lawyer to file a motion to have my uncle stripped of his power of attorney over my grandmother and either give my aunt power of attorney or give me temporary conservatorship over my grandmother because the situation she is in currently is not going to do. She does not deserve to be treated like she is stupid. Please someone help me...

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I guess but I would rather explain why I did that than why I didn't do anything at all not saying that you are not doing anything but like people have already said there are ways to go around a lawyer. I am sure that if your dad doesn't care about her well being that you can tell him to keep the POA and let you take care of her. A lot of times thats what the person wants is the say when the elder passes. I dont know if thats the case just suggesting.


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