Entering The 4Th Dimension Of Afterlife

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This article from Waking Times is a 'should read' for anyone interested in our being, our physical, ethereal and dimensional being. Of the many articles I've read regarding the topic of the afterlife, our energy connection to The Great All and other things in this area of interest to many, this author explains things from a first hand experiential view...something few other authors are blessed with.

For a teaser and taste, the below excerpt hits the heart of the matter but I thought there was definitely material issues addressed I hadn't considered the many, many times I've pondered this topic in the past.

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Blessings of Peace,


24th July 2014 - Waking Times

By Katrina Cavanough

Your powerful spirit is a form of energy, with its own vibrational pattern that once again is unique to you. Just like our fingers have fingerprints and each soul has its own vibrational pattern, your powerful spirit has its own unique energetic fingerprint.

The most profound revelation about this fourth dimension of our energetic selves is that it is entirely the same energy that is god, source, the great universal oneness. This is most profound news indeed as it means we are all naturally pure love, infinite wisdom, infinite compassion, and complete abundance in all its forms. Once this was revealed to me I felt transfixed, empowered and relieved.

Once we are reminded that we are actually made of the same essence of god, then it all becomes very exciting as this actually means that the power to truly change your life, feel better, choose kindness, respond rather than react – the power to live a more happy and balanced life – is not something that you need to find in a place external to yourself, because the energy of happiness or kindness or compassion is already who you naturally are. In this way you do not have to look outside of yourself; just shift your attention to focus upon the energetic dimension of yourself that is naturally pure love, happiness, compassion and success...READ THE REST HERE.


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