What Movie Of The Last Decade Do You Recommend?

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Lord of the Ring, although more than just one movie, ranks right up there. There are so few movies that achieve greatness, the few that do really stand out. I liked Cloud Atlas but it was disjointed and sometimes difficult for me to follow. Two of my all time favorites were Forest Gump and The Color Purple.

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I would suggest the first Star Wars Trilogy.

I do hope you mean the originals, and not the chronologically first appalling prequels.

Only Revenge of the Sith is last decade.

I used to watch a lot of movies, but recently I've been finding less and less which appeals to me.

My picks by year from a very small sample set...

2004 : The Incredibles

2005 : Batman Begins

2006 : 300

2007 : Stardust

2008 : Iron Man

2009 : Up / District 9 / Moon

2010 : Inception / The King's Speech

2011 : ? I can't think of anything I'd rate, but I didn't see many.

2012 : The Hobbit

2013 : The Hobbit 2

2014 : The Lego Movie

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I have not seen many films in the past ten years, and I usually fall asleep seeing action films. Nevertheless a film that interested me a lot was "Elegy" (2008), staring Penelope Cruz, Ben Kingsley, Patricia Clarkson. An interesting drama about an elderly man and a beautiful young woman.

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I was disappointed in The Hobbit... I liked The Lord of the Rings and understood the necessity of splitting it up into 3 movies (One movie for each of the 3 books), but splitting The Hobbit into 3 movies is ridiculous (and GREEDY). I won't pay to see the rest of the series. Maybe when they put them all on Netflix... but definitely won't spend the $20 I paid to watch the 1st episode.

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It's a shame we were only wanting something from the last decade. I was most thrilled with Braveheart before Mel Gibson turned to the dark side of the force. Before even Braveheart, I've always been really impressed with Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, with Stewart and Kelly (Grace Kelly has been a crush of mine for as long as I can remember). It's unfortunate that the movies of the last decade have failed to keep my attention. It's most likely a failing on my part. Great to see everyone!

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From the last decade:

1. Eragon (2006) I loved Ed Speleers in this.

2. The Covenant (2006) for the overall atmosphere of the film.

3. My Soul to Take (2010) by Wes Craven, featuring a young Max Thieriot.

4. Piranha DD (2012), released in theaters as Piranha 3DD. David Hasseihoff's poking fun at himself made this entire movie.

5. Hell Baby (2013), a ridiculous horror comedy featuring several well-known comic actors/comedians.

Two of my all-time favorites are The Raven (1963) starring Vincent Price and The Wicker Man (1973) starring Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward.

I also greatly enjoyed the Rankin and Bass animated versions of The Hobbit (1977) and The Return of the King (1980). They do not follow the books well, but the animation and musical score captivated me when I was a child, as also was the case with their The Flight of Dragons (1982).

My favorite comedies are Bowfinger (1999) starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, Cabin Boy (1994) starring Chris Elliot, and Kevin Smith's Clerks (1994).

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