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About two years ago my dad died my mom got. dementia and i sold my home to pay debt that my bro put in my fathers names and credit cards that was my dad and my mom i decide to give my mom peace and some pride so w the housr money i paid all the debt s off . well before i could sell i moved into town . that when my ex started slipping me ghb on the orders of my bro and sis which at the time was robbing my house w my ex . my bro said my ex took advantage of me .well my bro lied to my landlord and try to claim he has custody of me i said he is lieing but i was kuck out i called welfare and legal aide no one would help me because i choose to leave before the date i was kick out. . my ex was kick as well he went to welfare got money while he was living w his mom my bro went to jail . after a year went by i found out my bro put a ssn under my name and a credit card . so who was taking advantage of me mmmm any way this week i run into my ex . my bro wrote in my and my sis letters he was going to hurt my ex . really i told bro not too well my ex got a call from the cops saying bro was or has put a threat on him .

so now the cops are watching him

anyway how do i know my bro was playing all along u say a leopard doesn't change his spots my bro has a distint way in his facial expression that we all know when he is lying . and he acts like he will attack some one and make a child scared because he knows i will rescue a child from bad behavior . and i was all set up before i moved into town . and my old sis wanted something out of my house since there was nothing she had a fit .

what make these 3 so buddy buddy when they hated each other for year well me for one and black mail for another . when my bro gets out i fear the worst about my money i know the cops knows what he did so the worry is some what lifted


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