Writer's Club At Community College

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So I became president of the Writer's Club at a local community college.

We have great fun and laughs at club meetings and we often do get good feedback and critiques of material read and presented.

We've even come up with a humorous game of writing a sentence and having another member write one themselves and so on and so forth to create a story.

Basically, what I want to do is get ahold of a writer's market book to be able to discuss publishing options. There's so many from self-publishing, to print-on-demand publishing, to online publishing, to traditional publishing - and if I missed one, please add it!

However, I have no idea about how to contact people for agents or editors or anything like that.

I've also wanted to bring a few writer's in the area to come and speak about their specific field and what their writing is about, ect. and then have a discussion. That is what one of the old presidents did when I first joined the club.

Also, the idea of gathering up some money so we can have outings together as a club has come up in my mind. However, we've never had an official "Treasurer" or any bank account open with the college.

I suppose I could email the founding president and our sponsoring adviser about those kinds of things.

Do any of you know anything about publishing houses, contacting editors and how to get an agent and what it would cost to keep them?

Basically, the whole jist of the club is to gather together those with a common interest who wish to either improve or share their talents and skill and to be able to either publish or find a job in their field.

Anybody know? (:

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the library reference desk is a great place to seek info. Also, you may want to seek out the convention circuit, as they have panel discussions, often with some successful writers. I have friends who write, at a various levels of success, but I know nothing of the industry personally.. sorry.

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