What Is Your Favourite Gnostic Gospel

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No doubt the Gospels of Mary and Thomas are favorites, but the one that has always fascinated me, in an inquisitive manner, is the Pistis Sophia.

I've often wondered if this may not have been, at least in part, some of the inspiration behind the Book of Urantia. The numerous descriptions of the hierarchy of the "Heavens", "Mysteries" and "Lights" seems to sort of go hand in hand with similar descriptions in Urantia. If one book has/had nothing to do with the other, then it is quite possible the inspiration for both did come from some cosmic or Divine level.

Since it appears to be a combination of latter Hellenistic paganism and early Christian teachings, referred to by scholars and writers of the 3rd -6th century CE, the origins of the text is unknown. The original work was obviously Scribed by two different hands of which one compares to a late last century BCE scribe.

Taking all this into consideration, it is the mysteries around this text that intrigue me the most and I feel is a fine example of the changing times during and after the historical era of the Christ. Once again I have to thank Sacred Texts (link above) for making this available to us floundering 21st century inquisitive minds.

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Gospel of Judas Iscariot where Jesus was explaining the outer realm of this universe. and he explained to him. What kind of beings there was, and who ruled over all. Also the Gospel of Peter. Only at the time when Mary and Jesus took refuge in a cave, and they had intercourse. Only the Knights Templars new of it.

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