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Charming Of The Plough, Disting, Barria

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Midyear / JuneMidyear 8,

Lindisfarne Day: On this day in the year 1043 Runic Era (793 CE) three Viking ships raided the Isle of Lindisfarne, officially opening what is the Viking Age.

I see the originator of the site use the "Runic Era" time-line...interesting.

The International Gild I speak of so often is like wasps and black-widows in a jar on that one since there is no definitive date on when exactly runes were first used. Personally I think it's a bunch academic hoodoo, but documents go back to 350BCE of mentioning runes and who knows how long prior to that the staves were used and burned after divination. :unsure:

Anyway, just wanted to stuff and like the overall dateline of the Nordic calendar.

Blessings of Peace,

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