Lost On The Bus...

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I lost a box on the bus today, was so busy talking to a case manager on cell phone, I got off the bus and forgot an item.

Its gone, waited for the bus to return, it is an island and very few places to go, it is gone.

The computer stuff was useful but not that unique this time.... Last time it was a collection of CDs, gone...

So did you loose a tooth, a job, a wallet, a game, a character, a reputation, a mind, a limb, a daughter, WHAT... What are you loosing now, the race against Fukashima radiation?

So here is the big trial and tribulation, LOST IN SPACE!!!


Opps, I lost a child.....

So now untll thing are rearranged in my mind over this I gotta do something to protect myself from me and loosing things and stop the attendant stress of having to always recover from loosing stuff, where is the position to never deal with the idea of loss?

Where and why are the people takers of stuff they do not even recognise and put in bus drivers hands, to help a "kid get home"?

Seems I will still lose skin and hair. What, even Jesus lost or not, something.

This is such a rich idea to consider, I hope this grape thread does not become another raisin on this farm.

How will one recognate to always experience a sense of not lost, stay even, not even want to try gain.

Only near clue is the Catholic nuns suggest less is more, more time, less aggrivations restated quickly.

The Bible is lessons, your experiences are lessons, what about the next weather storm that erases everything and the lost go on in the Philippines and esle where, any brainstorms guy.

Seems most of the mainland lost good, survivable weather recently, loosers.

Ah, another unexplainable condition contained in the event life.



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